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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Triond Is Still Better Than Wikinut

At least for me.

A good Stumbleupon friend of mine and a moderator at Wikinut finally convinced me to join the site last month.  Wikinut is almost the same as Triond and more importantly, it has the creative writing category. Although Wikinut has the same plain blue design in all category sites, a user can make his article page more attractive by adding pictures.

Wikinut does not return articles, but they publish content that had been published in other sites as long as it is owned by the same writer.  I have managed to edit 16 of my articles from Triond and Factoidz and published them here. I also wrote two original works for Wikinut. I joined the community and so far, had 42 followers.

I have made friends with some people- Songbird and Denise, two charming ladies; Buzz, a friendly kababayan’; and geeta auroa, a sweet young friend. Minister Marlene is there too. These writers among the others were very friendly and helpful to me.

Unfortunately, after doing all the promotions and posting quality articles and studying my stats/ earnings, I found out that Wikinut pays so little.

I did some Math with Triond in comparison to Wikinut and was finally convinced that Wikinut won’t work for me.

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