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Friday, June 17, 2011

Drugstore Cheating Strategies

 These are some warnings, so beware!

  • Unregistered imported and physician sample purchase
This is the most common strategy. Unregistered imported and physician sample can be illegal but they can be bargained for almost half of their selling price and even lesser.
  • Near expiration bargains
Most drug products nearing their ‘birthday’, usually three months before are bargained very cheaply. The term illegal would be applied if these celebrants are sold after their expiration dates.
  • Expired medicine sold out…Waste not!
Why throw out an expired tablet when you can still sell it to an unsuspecting customer? This strategy works well especially when the owner doesn’t believe in expiry dates.

Drug-Drug Interactions with The Cyp3a4 Isozyme

Enzyme inhibition leads to the slow metabolism of the drugs.  This causes greater serum concentration and toxicity. An example is Ethinyl estradiol (an active constituent in birth control pills) with grape fruit juice. Grape fruit juice is a drug inhibitor of CYP3A4 Isoezyme. With this interaction grapefruit juice tends to increase the incidence of adverse reactions in Ethinyl estradiol as gastric upsets or headaches.

On the other hand, enzyme inducers hasten the biodegration of drugs. With this, efficacy of the medicine is decreased. The rifampicin (drug for tuberculosis) for instance, will lessen the effect of a contraceptive pill.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reasons Not To Buy Old Computers

  • Operators or owners won’t admit of on how long they have been keeping these second hand PCs
Malls or surplus computer shops would cite their old PCs as ‘slightly used’ or re-possessed. But they won’t reveal if these PCs had been in the shelves for years. Agents would reason, ‘The owner changed his mind about his laptop and decided to buy another brand. It’s really new, still not over a year since the owner bought it and he hasn’t used it.’

  • No warranties
As a rule, new products as electronic types have warranties. In case something goes wrong with a new PC, you can replace or have it fixed. Old PCs from other people have no warranties. A surplus or a second hand PC from legitimate stores may have warranties but only for some period of time as 6 months.
  • Hardware and software incompatibilities
Just like cellular phones and other electronic gadgets, PCs improve over time. And with this, are hardware replacements. While an old PC hardware (Motherboard, processor, video card etc.) is often phased out, new software (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows etc.) could have incompatibility issues with an old hardware.

Daphne Oral Contraceptive Tablet: A Product Review

Daphne with the generic name Lynestrenol is a progestin only oral contraceptive. It is manufactured by Family Care Ltd and distributed by DKT Philippines Inc.

A Daphne pack consists of 28 white tablets, each containing a 500mcg Lynestrenol. As a contraceptive tablet, Daphne is usually indicated for women whom estrogens are contraindicated and for breast feeding mothers who require contraception.

However, Lynestrenol containing tablet like Daphne is contraindicated with women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or with someone with a history or current high risk of arterial disease. It should be avoided in women with hepatic impairment, especially if severe. And more to these, Daphne should not be given in women with porphyria.