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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Can We Say No?

Saying No maybe as simple as shaking our heads in refusal. However, suppose, someone in need is actually telling the truth or we can’t possibly break someone else’s heart? How can we say No to them?
  • Consider the risk
In my case, it was a blessing that a private vehicle came into my rescue. I didn’t got late for work because of the incident. But, suppose it was really some scam – a prelude to a hold-up or abduction or rape? What would happen to my loved ones if something did happen to me?
  • Be sensible
Better safe than sorry. Some people may think us rude and distrusting. On the contrary, with awkward situations like they are the ones out of the line, they tend to understand. ‘The lady refused to take a ride because there are many crimes going on. She’s just being careful.’
  • Say No gracefully
You do not want to hurt other’s feelings. Better learn the art of ‘white lies’. Generally, lying is a bad thing but if you are not sure of a stranger and you do not want to offend anyone, making excuses can be a good thing. Remember, you are only protecting yourself and your family.

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