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Monday, May 23, 2011

On Sex Allergy Issue: How Can a Woman Conceive?

Sex allergy is referred to as semen allergy, also known as human seminal plasma hypersensitivity or sperm allergy. Research shows that certain women can be allergic to a man’s sperm. And interestingly, some men can be allergic to their own semen as well. 


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But,  can a woman still conceive with this issue?

Documentation: A Multi-organ Dysfunction Case

Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), previously known as multiple organ failure (MOF) is the presence of altered organ function in acutely ill patients such that homeostasis cannot be maintained without intervention. It usually involves two or more organ systems.

The following are dates and sadly, the deterioration of the condition. It started from diabetes, to liver disease, to renal impairment and finally, death.

July 2009

The patient realized that his skin and eyes turned yellowish, his stomach became enlarge and there was the occasional skin itch. As it turned out, he has acquired liver cirrhosis. Two probable reasons: his history of alcohol intake for almost twenty years and his oral hypoglycemic medications that could have trigger the disease.