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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emptiness Lyrics: Over 6,133 Searches

My poem Emptiness Lyrics was a trial and error article. I got interested in the title and played with the tags. However, it was not included in the most searched 'emptiness lyrics'. Probably, because the searchers are still smart not to open the 'lyrics' they are not looking for :P

Anyway, I find my effort not wasted for I had been motivated to write poems again. It's been awhile since I last wrote a good one.

My poem Emptiness Lyrics with the original title 'Emptiness'. And of course... nothing personal :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chinese BL is NOT a Skin Whitening Cream!

In the Philippines Chinese BL cream is categorized as a counterfeit drug – not that it is fake or ineffective, but simply it is an imported drug unregistered in the country’s Food and Drug Authority. Naturally, these products are banned in drugstores and other drug outlets. However, a Chinese BL cream can also be bought in cosmetic stores, in market places and in the internet. Its price ranges from 15 pesos to 50 pesos – really cheap compared to other topical anti-fungal medications.

Interestingly BL cream is used as a remedy for psoriasis,
as an anti-acne,
and as a skin BLEACHING cream? 

Monday, March 14, 2011

So I Love Carrie Underwood

For me she is the sweetest and the most talented music artist. If she would have a concert here. Definitely, I am going to see her show.

 Could've Been is my favorite of all her song performances. Although, it is originally by Tiffany, Carrie embraced the song very well as her own. Check out my compilation of Carrie Underwood's unforgettable song performances.... ever, at least for me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Setting Aside Who's The Boss Around Here

 I am one of those lazy pharmacists who refuse to attend seminars or conventions. For one reason, these are costly for I don't usually get some drug representative to sponsor for me. And another thing, I find the topics irrelevant. But last March 5, I had to attend a seminar at Queen Margaret hotel, Lucena city for some licensing issues.

Mercifully, the seminar became worth-while. Not to mention, I also enjoyed the company of dear colleagues.

 The subject focused mainly on professional relations involving doctors, nurses and pharmacists. I had to agree, having an experience in working with a doctor. Sometimes, it is really difficult to tell them when  they have the wrong idea on some things. Doctors are like bosses. It is so awkward to made an inquiry when they wrote an instruction of taking a cotrimoxazole 4 times a day when they should have written it twice a day only. It could be a common mistake but sometimes doctors have their own reasons in giving a medicine based on the severity of the disease. They could have written an Rx right... or wrong.

Patients would believe physicians more instead of listening to pharmacists or nurses. Naturally,a patient's  safety is in their hands.

The thing is (at least for me and my colleagues coz most people consider us as shy lol) we must be assertive in telling a doctor or  a fellow health professional  on a certain health care matter.This may offend them or probably will not matter at all ,but  we must remember that the patient's health is  always at stake.

Article readings?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Songs for the Soul

 When you feel the sunlight
Fade into the cold night
Don't know where to turn
I don't know where to turn
And all the dreams you're dreaming
Seem to lose their meaning
Let me in your world
Baby, let me in your world
All you need is someone you can hold
Don't be sad, you're not alone

Above are some inspiring lines from Michael W. Smith's I will Be Here For You. 

 Glorious music feeds the spirit. It brings happiness and hope. Here are five of my most personal favorites, 'Beautiful Songs Inspired by the Father'. I trust, you enjoy them too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kamay ni Hesus de Lucban - A Wonderful Visit

The Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine wherein the grotto of Via Dolorosa can be found is an hour drive from Lucena- the Quezon province capital. We had heard the place so many times that my husband and I finally decided to check it out during the last week of February 2010. It was about ten thirty in the morning when we reached the shrine.

The climate was terribly hot but it had seemed that we forgot all about it upon entering the holy place. Not that we were fascinated by the wonderful landscaping and the life-like images of some Biblical characters that took our attention along the main entrance, but far something more.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quack-Doctors Writing Rx

A quack-doctor or an albularyo is the Philippine version for the Native American Indians, ‘Shaman’ or the witch-doctor in Africa. They are also known to drive evil spirits away and cure people through spells, holy oil and medicinal plants.

Modern medicine may have influenced the Philippines with the finest medical care and advanced approach in treatment, however there are still some provinces that rely on quack-doctors. Instead of seeing a real physician, they wait in line to be diagnosed by an albularyo. No fees required here but donations. Quack-doctors claim that their healing power come from divine entities that it is a service for them to help those in need without asking for money.

There is nothing wrong in having faith on these spiritual healers. Their practice has been beneficial throughout the centuries. The bad thing about it is when quack-doctors prescribe a synthetic drug.

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