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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Quitting A Job: Doing It Ethically

Is the salary not enough? Are you having problems with your boss or a colleague? You are fed up with the company's regulations?!

There are lots of reasons why a person would quit his job. Some can really get in one’s nerve that all he wants to do is shout resignation on his boss's face and then, stomped out of the office without looking back. This could be satisfying letting it all out. But, take a deep breath and think it over.

If you are single, your reputation is at hand. If you are married, your good name and your family are at stake. Sure you can quit. They can't stop you if you really want to. But do this calmly.
  • Your First Step

Look for job opportunities in the classified ads. Make inquires and seek aid from you families and friends.
  • The Wait

Opportunities do not come instantly. They do come along eventually. You just have to be patient and be aware. Sometimes, opportunities arrive without you knowing it.
  • Analyzing Your Prospect

Do not grab a job offer at once. But take a small hold of it and ask for allowance to think it over. Analyze the company if it would suit you. You do not want to jump from the frying pan and into the fire.
  • Grabbing It

If you are already decided, go ahead. Get on with the interview and make the necessary arrangements. Be frank about the work status- their expectations and yours.

  • Notifying Your Employer

Do this at once. The sooner, the better. Whether your boss is an angel or the other one, you can find saying goodbye difficult. While the good boss will try to persuade you not to leave, the other type might try to pressure you before letting you go. But get on with it. Do it for their own benefit that they can have adjustments or even hire someone to replace you.
Be professional in explaining your side. Family, health and money matters are reasonable.

If a co-worker had been a problem; your boss's nasty ways; or the company's ill management, try not to point the following as your cause for resignation. A company has its own reason for its regulations and therefore, it won't change for you. Raising a personal issue with a boss or a colleague could result to some scandal.

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