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Monday, March 5, 2012

How To Deal With Odd or Weird People

Some of us as of now, could be living with the emotionally disturbed people or we may encounter some of them from time to time. They can be sometimes threatening or annoying. But, we can do well with them by through respect and understanding.
  • Don’t make fun of them
They can do things that can really be hilarious and some people, as nut as they are, participate with these mental patients by provoking them to make much a fool of themselves.
  • Give a helping hand
Abandoned mental patients are usually dirty and they can be repulsive. They normally ask for money. However, if you have food or clothing, these will be much of a help for them.
  • Report them to the authorities
Authorities may find suitable places for the mentally ill and some them may be individuals separated from their families. Special children or demented old people normally wander away from their homes. The authorities can definitely help in notifying the families of these people.
  • Do not judge them as bad
Mental illness may have resulted from addiction and yes, we may think, it’s their fault and it’s the verdict they must face. But remember everyone deserves another chance.
  • Ask help from an expert
Some emotionally disturbed people can really have a fit or could go amok. Don’t try to face them when you know they cannot be dealt with. Phone the police instead. For some reason, disturbed people usually listen to authority.
In the case of a kin, seek help from his doctor or to someone he would pay attention to.
  • Understand more
It annoys you much when a sister of yours is very much afraid of bugs. You may think, what’s the big deal, it’s so small? Then again, think that she probably had gone something tragic about that harmless thing. Just be thankful that you are not having a problem same as hers.