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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reasons Not To Buy Old Computers

  • Operators or owners won’t admit of on how long they have been keeping these second hand PCs
Malls or surplus computer shops would cite their old PCs as ‘slightly used’ or re-possessed. But they won’t reveal if these PCs had been in the shelves for years. Agents would reason, ‘The owner changed his mind about his laptop and decided to buy another brand. It’s really new, still not over a year since the owner bought it and he hasn’t used it.’

  • No warranties
As a rule, new products as electronic types have warranties. In case something goes wrong with a new PC, you can replace or have it fixed. Old PCs from other people have no warranties. A surplus or a second hand PC from legitimate stores may have warranties but only for some period of time as 6 months.
  • Hardware and software incompatibilities
Just like cellular phones and other electronic gadgets, PCs improve over time. And with this, are hardware replacements. While an old PC hardware (Motherboard, processor, video card etc.) is often phased out, new software (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows etc.) could have incompatibility issues with an old hardware.