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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daphne Oral Contraceptive Tablet: A Product Review

Daphne with the generic name Lynestrenol is a progestin only oral contraceptive. It is manufactured by Family Care Ltd and distributed by DKT Philippines Inc.

A Daphne pack consists of 28 white tablets, each containing a 500mcg Lynestrenol. As a contraceptive tablet, Daphne is usually indicated for women whom estrogens are contraindicated and for breast feeding mothers who require contraception.

However, Lynestrenol containing tablet like Daphne is contraindicated with women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or with someone with a history or current high risk of arterial disease. It should be avoided in women with hepatic impairment, especially if severe. And more to these, Daphne should not be given in women with porphyria.