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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Choosing The Perfect Job: Knowing Your Own Standards

Big companies are usually picky in selecting staffs. While small industries are satisfied in hiring applicants considering their good personality, health and their eagerness to work, huge establishments hire applicants from high quality standards. The prospects qualifications are reviewed carefully. They are screened down through a series of examinations. And two to three interviews are always necessary before finally being hired.

Looking for work with giant and popular companies may be intimidating but if you got what it takes, you should also be choosy. The following can be helpful in making you decide:

  • Institution Stability
An established company means that it has been on the business for years or decades. One can be sure of its integrity. It would be a real pride in working for a popular institution and more to that, desirable number of benefits and promotions are also something to look forward to.

Never the less, stable institution may require great expectations from you. You may have to work harder with extra hours. Having quality with family or loved ones may be narrowed down. And definitely, if you won’t be up to it, your health could be at risk.

  • The Salary
Big companies usually give big salaries, but not all of them. Of course, they have some guidelines to follow. Often, job seekers are misled by big sums of pay. Most of them do not consider that taxes and most benefits (particularly, those unnecessary) are also deducted from the payroll.

  • Work Location
A close work place is cheaper and convenient. It can also be beneficial to health, since you will be more relaxed without much traveling.

  • The Schedule
Long hours of work can be hazardous to health and family. A half or an hour daily break is refreshing. It will help the mind refocus. A day off from job at least once a week is also important, not only for rest and recreation, but more importantly for some quality time with loved ones. 

It’s All Up to You

What matters to you most? Is it money or your health? Is it your career or family?

People needs and wants vary. Most would choose to devote on a job, working hard night and day. If it’s for the money or career growth, they have accepted the consequences behind their decision. They would find a way to make up with their families and they will know how to take care of themselves.

Your quality job depends on how will you like them to be. Career opportunities may be misleading. Large figures maybe attractive but you may not like the policies behind it.

Analyze your job offers. A wrong employment for you is a waste of time and effort. Bear in mind that any job comfortable and enjoyable for you, means not working at all.

(c) Phoenix Montoya @ May 15, 2009

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