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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Get More Views with Your Poems

Like most Triond user, I started my way here as a creative writer, submitting my content in the short-story category. While there had been one to three views a day, it had been frustrating for me to discover zero views all the time. I often ask myself, how can readers find me?

So, like any other newbie, I was spammed by other users checking this, reading that, commenting his or her article just to have someone read my work in return. After learning slowly the ways here in the net, I discovered that most writers do not read stories especially if it’s 3 or more pages long. They just give the ‘nice article’, ‘awesome read’, then after some time they do not check your work anymore.
Shifting from creative writings to solid facts material was a struggle for me. Over time, I did succeed in publishing articles that earn. I didn’t stop writing fiction though. But instead of creating short stories, I decided to write poems.

With poems, we get to have views as soon as they are published, especially when we have many friends and we are active in the community. The problem with poems is they do not have constant views compared to non-fiction posts like medical, health, celebrities and other searchable articles in the net. Fortunately, we may still have continuous views with our poems.