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Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Bathe a Siamese Cat

Cats seem to dislike water.  They usually panic with the sound of it, especially when the source is near them. Unfortunately, cats particularly those having thick or long coatings, need to take a bath occasionally when their furs become oily. Short- haired cats are required to take a bath too when they become really dirty and in cases of wounds. While bathing help cats in keeping themselves sanitary, those with wounds or skin diseases can be prevented from having infections.

In my part, I give my short-haired Siamese cat a bath once a week to keep his fur clean and smelling nice. Bathing may sound disagreeable and I had my share of scary thoughts that my cat will bite and fight his way out of it, but there are techniques in bathing a cat.

Siamese cats are the gentlest breed of cats. While two people are usually recommended to wash a cat Siamese cats can only be bathed by one individual.

My steps are really simple and enjoyable.


  • Lukewarm water in a basin
  • Plastic cup
  • Cat shampoo or soap
  • Moist cloth
  • Towel
The best place to wash your cat is in the bathroom.  Just make sure that everything is in place and accessible. The warm water should be ready that there is no need for additional water. The soap, moist cloth and towel should be available for use. The idea here is to do things gently yet fast.