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Monday, August 8, 2011

Basic Tutorials On Improving Your Stumble Upon Blog

Stumble Upon is the most popular bookmarking site in the net for most writers. Same as most sites, the greatest challenge here is to increase subscribers and friends.

A writer-friend of mine once advised me to put some pictures on my SU blog to gain subscribers. I didn’t get what he meant at first that I paid him a visit at his site.

His site was indeed better than mine. Same as me, he has various interests but the pictures have been enjoyable. Actually, I didn’t know how he did it. I think he did explain it to me but I ended up making trial and errors instead. I have been successful though- thinking if others can do it, maybe I can too.

From 18 friends, I have acquired 50 more within a month without sending a friend request. I owe my friend big time!

So here it is. He gave me the idea and here I am sharing some basic steps to you!
  • Putting pictures on your blog

You must first set your settings to blog mode. You can find it at your account settings, under 'customize profile'. Look for the default view- there are two choices, the 'All' and 'Reviews'. Click the 'Reviews'. Save your preferences. Then you are ready to put pictures on your blog. The following are the steps:
  1. Click the picture you like then right click.
  2. Look for the ‘StumbleUpon PhotoBlog It’ and click.
  3. The syntax of the image will appear on your comment box. Just click ‘save’ and the picture will appear on your blog page.
Note 1: If you want to make a comment. You can write the comment below or above the syntax of the image then ‘save’.

Note2: PhotoBlogging can also be done with your profile page.
  1. Choose am image you like- a have a nice day or welcome greeting (you can find a lot of these at PhotoBucket).
  2. On the image, right click. Look up at the 'StumbleUponPhotoBlogIt' then click.
  3. The syntax will appear on your comment box. Copy it.
  4. Go to your settings to your profile box and paste the syntax there.
  5. Save.
  • Centering your text or image

Add the code before your text or image.
  • Changing fonts

So far I only know two. Here are the codes.
Add this before your text.
  • Italics and bold letters

Same as the above instructions.
  • Changing the color of your fonts

Same as the above instructions.
For more Stumble Upon advance tutorials. Visit the following site:
Below are the most beautiful blogs in SU. Enjoy!
For the easiest way of centering, changing fonts etc, visit this site:  SUEditor for Greasemonkey

Original article published at Triond (July 4, 2010)