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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Setting Aside Who's The Boss Around Here

 I am one of those lazy pharmacists who refuse to attend seminars or conventions. For one reason, these are costly for I don't usually get some drug representative to sponsor for me. And another thing, I find the topics irrelevant. But last March 5, I had to attend a seminar at Queen Margaret hotel, Lucena city for some licensing issues.

Mercifully, the seminar became worth-while. Not to mention, I also enjoyed the company of dear colleagues.

 The subject focused mainly on professional relations involving doctors, nurses and pharmacists. I had to agree, having an experience in working with a doctor. Sometimes, it is really difficult to tell them when  they have the wrong idea on some things. Doctors are like bosses. It is so awkward to made an inquiry when they wrote an instruction of taking a cotrimoxazole 4 times a day when they should have written it twice a day only. It could be a common mistake but sometimes doctors have their own reasons in giving a medicine based on the severity of the disease. They could have written an Rx right... or wrong.

Patients would believe physicians more instead of listening to pharmacists or nurses. Naturally,a patient's  safety is in their hands.

The thing is (at least for me and my colleagues coz most people consider us as shy lol) we must be assertive in telling a doctor or  a fellow health professional  on a certain health care matter.This may offend them or probably will not matter at all ,but  we must remember that the patient's health is  always at stake.

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