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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Prescription for Condoms?

In Barangay Ayala Alabang in Muntinlupa City, people will need a prescription to buy a condom. That means if someone would want to buy a condom, he or she will need a prescription from a physician, with the name of the doctor and the patient on it. Pharmacies cannot just sell condoms among the soap and the shampoo and vitamins. It has to be sold behind the counter and with a prescription.
Residents may buy condoms in another place and bring the condoms into Ayala Alabang, but they are not allowed to sell it or give it away if they are within the territorial jurisdiction of the barangay.
Violators of the ordinance's provisions will be fined an amount no less than P1,000 but not exceeding P5,000 for the first offense. A second offense will be fined not less than P5,000 and will merit imprisonment for not less than one month but not exceeding six months. Violators will also be held civilly liable to the offended party.

Sounds Funny?

This is actually in response of the RH bill- a prolife action other than contraception. The barangay ordinance cites the following:
  • any person who advertises, promotes, sells or distributes for free any kind of abortifacient will be penalized.
  • abortifacients are defined as any device, medicine or substance that may damage or interfere with the natural development or cause the expulsion or death of an unborn child.
  • The use of barangay funds for the purchase or provision of contraceptives is also prohibited.
  • According to the ordinance, the barangay views contraceptive pills, hormonal contraceptives, and IUDs as products that can kill children and injure the health of women who use them.
My response? OMG!!! Contraceptives do not kill.